LED Glass Sign


We were asked to create a project involving circuits to fit with the theme of glass and metal for NYSCI's annual Remake the Holidays! We were naturally very excited for this challenge. Metal seemed like an obvious fit for a circuit project as metal is a conductor of electricity. But glass, what could we do with glass? 

Frosted glass has a unique property of diffusing light. So this was a start, LEDs diffused in glass with metal conductive tape. Browsing the internet for some inspiration, we found a bunch of cool diffused light LED name signs. We decided to add our own twist- a DIY light circuit for the LEDs and custom laser etched "teknikio" name signs. 

Glass was a bit pricey, so we decided to substitute acrylic instead (shhh don't tell). We laser etched a clear acrylic sheet with our logo, and one for NYSCI (of course). We then designed some snapfit boxes out of foam for the base and designed the circuit. 

The activity involved 4 steps:

  1. sanding the bottom of the acrylic sign to make it frosty and diffuse the light
  2. assembling the base
  3. building the LED circuit into the base
  4. inserting the sign in the slot on top and turning the LEDs on!

sparkin senseDeren Guler