thoughts on the world today

This post is a bit different, in that it voices our opinions. Instead of sharing a new project, I'd like to share some thoughts:

There are many violent, heartbreaking stories being broadcasted these days. My heart goes out to all of the victims, please know that we stand with #blacklivesmatter, we stand with Nice, Istanbul, and Baghdad and all of the other cities and peoples that are suffering. Reading about these events can feel very isolating, it’s very easy to feel removed and scared and worse yet, helpless.

We have to overcome that.

Or else.

Or else nothing will change.

Or else people will forget.

I thank all of my friends who have posted such beautiful thoughts, who have shared the moving stories of others that go viral on the Internet. I’ve been reading stories like these almost every night for months (maybe not the best idea before bed).

Teknikio’s goal is to provide equal, meaningful educational experiences for everyone regardless of race, or age, or gender. I know that might sound great, but I want to make sure people understand why. These sentiments have been surfacing lately in different forms. Sometimes it’s the pink vs. blue debate, sometimes it’s black vs. white. These are important conversations, and in my opinion they can all be addressed with education.

Let’s look at science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). You might be wondering, how can STEM help solve these problems? I believe that at the core of these subjects is problem solving, its common sense, its resourcefulness, and its understanding reality. My answer to the question of how, is simply how else? What is the point of learning these things if you don’t understand their impact on the world? Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn how electricity works, they should be able to solve basic math problems; these things increase our capacity as humans. We cannot afford to make judgments that deny people confidence in their ability to apply for a job, or voice their opinion about something they saw that didn’t look right. We do not deserve to live in a world where we feel threatened walking down the street, or going into an airport. These stereotypes are a waste of time, they actually steal our time; they are backwards. We need to empower everyone to take chances, to demand change, and to do this we need to make sure they have the skills to invent solutions, to share their perspectives in profound ways.


I encourage you to share your own opinions, to voice your own hopes and dreams, to educate others the way you were educated, so that the future generations can be better than us. So that they can get closer to equality than we ever will. We need to give them a head start; we need to teach them everything we know, so that they can reimagine, reinvent, and rebuild the world.


Deren Guler