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Best gifts for kids under 12

Our kits make creating with technology fun and accessible. These are our top picks for kids aged 8 - 12.
Activating Origami Set
Activating Origami Set

Add tech to paper and animate unique paper sculptures.

Sewable Star LEDs
Sewable Star LEDs
From $4.00 - $20.00

Blue star-shaped sewable LEDboard. LED light is blue.

Shivers the Penguin
Shivers the Penguin
Use eco-felt pieces and reusable electronic components to sew a shivering penguin!
Teknikio Core Parts Pack packaging
Teknikio Core Parts

The Teknikio Core Parts set is an all in one set of our awesome electronic parts.

Tekniverse LED Matrix
Tekniverse LED Matrix

A handy little 6x5 LED matrix screen for your Tekniverse Bluebird. Display images, scroll text, and more! 

30 LEDs total, LEDs are blue.