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Teknikio Sparking Sense bundle in plastic case with handle
Teknikio Sparking Sense bundle contents, including alligator clips, sensors, LED boards, and batteries

Sparking Sense Bundle

$250.00 USD $350.00 USD

Build gadgets with circuits! Did you know that switches can act as sensors? The Sparking Sense Bundle has our favorite sensing switches and 10 activities.

Each lesson is matched to Common Core and NGSS learning standards for integrated STEM learning. Collaborate and make a giant super gadget, or work in smaller groups to make personal projects.


● Curriculum for up to 10 activities ranging from 1-2 hours. 
● Students can work alone or in small groups
● Tackle storage box
● Instructor guide with vocabulary guide
● Collaboration and discussion tips
● Lesson extensions for differentiation
● Adaptable for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning


  • 75 assorted LEDs
  • 26 Teknikio battery board
  • 75 battery
  • 100 alligator clips
  • 26 lever switch
  • 26 tilt switch
  • 26 push button switch
  • 26 rocker switch
  • 26 reed switch
  • 1 roll conductive tape
  • 26 buzzer

Note: to get the maximum lessons out of this kit parts must be reused. Alternatively you can order refill packs of each part.

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