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IoT Ideation Cards v1
IoT Ideation Cards v1
IoT Ideation Cards v1

IoT Ideation Cards v1

$12.00 USD $18.00 USD

We created this exercise while user testing our new Internet of Things learning platform in order to better understand how we can enter an "IoT mindset."

Due to popular demand, we're selling the decks from our first batch "at cost" as we build out the next version!

Deck contains:

- 5 mission cards

- 10 action cards

- 11 trigger cards

- 18 thing cards

- 9 sensor cards

Gameplay (recommended 3-5 students working together):

1. Choose a mission card.

2. Fill in the blanks in the sentence below to design a system for the mission by choosing a card from the stack, or write in your own!

3. Answer the questions above the sentence to better understand the impact and potential of your system.

Note: This product is a first-generation version of our ideation card game. It includes all cards in unbranded packaging, with a downloadable and printable game boards. Future versions of the game may include additional cards, support for other languages, a physical game board, and/or custom packaging. 

Download the game board here