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Gifts for wearables enthusiasts

Have a child (or adult!) in your life who's both tech-savvy and fashion-forward? Help them explore both interests at once with a gift that focuses on wearable tech!
Cover of Crafting Wearables book by Deren Guler
Crafting Wearables + Mini Sewing kit

Get a copy of our founder's book about wearables and a free mini light up kit!

Sewable Heart LEDboards
Sewable Heart LEDboards

Teknikio heart shaped sewable LEDboards. Red boards with pink LED light.

Fabtronic Sewing Set
Fabtronic Sewing Set

Get started with sewing while learning the basics of electronics!

Animation showing contents of Teknikio Sensors 'n' Spaces kit, including thread, project guide, conductive tape, batteries, and LED lights and components
Sensors n Spaces

Sensors n Spaces, the ultimate kit for adding superpowers to your room!

Sewable Star LEDs
Sewable Star LEDs
From $4.00 - $20.00

Blue star-shaped sewable LEDboard. LED light is blue.

Ghost LEDboard
Ghost LEDboard

Who said ghosts are just for halloween? Our sewable LED ghostboard is cute, spooky, and sewable.