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kits & books

Our kits and books are great resources for at-home STEM learning!
[Learn from Home] 10 pack Shivers the Penguin
[Learn from Home] 10 pack Shivers the Penguin

Use eco-felt pieces and reusable electronic components to sew a shivering penguin!

Electric Beads
Electric Beads

We teamed up with our dear friends at BeadKraft to design a limited addition electronic Jewelry Kit!

Teknikio Core Parts Pack packaging
Teknikio Core Parts

The Teknikio Core Parts set is an all in one set of our awesome electronic parts.

Mini Sewable Light- Up Kit
Mini Sewable Light- Up Kit

Want to just sew a light on something? Who doesn't...?

Animation showing contents of Teknikio Sensors 'n' Spaces kit, including thread, project guide, conductive tape, batteries, and LED lights and components
Sensors n Spaces

Sensors n Spaces, the ultimate kit for adding superpowers to your room!

Front and back views of Teknikio pocket maker notebook, brown with blue type
Teknikio Makers Notebook
A branded pocket notebook for sketching out all of your awesome ideas and designs!