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Teknikio Core Parts Pack packaging
Contents of Teknikio Core Parts Pack laid out on blue background

Teknikio Core Parts

$35.00 USD

The Teknikio Core Parts set is an all in one set of our awesome electronic parts.

Guide includes project ideas with paper, cardboard, 3d printing, and more!

Perfect jumpstart into Teknikio's craftable electronics. All parts are reusable to work through several different projects.

Guidebook with 5 projects ranging from 30 minutes to over 2 hours per project.


  • 1 Teknikio Star LEDboards
  • 1  Teknikio Heart LEDboars
  • 1 Teknikio Motionboards
  • 1 Teknikio Ghost LEDboards
  • 1 Teknikio Diamond RGB LEDboards
  • 1 Teknikio Beepboards
  • 1 Teknikio Batteryboards
  • 1 Teknikio Reed Distance Sensor
  • 1 Teknikio Light Sensor
  • 1 Teknikio Temperature Sensor
  • 4 alligator clips