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IoT Ideation Cards v1
IoT Ideation Cards v1

This fun game will help you design and enter with an "IoT mindset."

Female student wearing red shirt reading "mouse: technology with purpose" crafting with electronics components
Mouse Sewable Tech Course Official Bundle

The Sewable Tech course combines STEM learning with artistic expression and crafting.

Contents of Teknikio Electronic Quilt Classroom Kit with felt swatches, batteries, conductive thread, LEDboards and other electronics components
Electric Quilt Classroom Kit

Share your story through electronic quilt making!

Gift for a Future Inventor
Gift for a Future Inventor
From $10.00 - $100.00

At Teknikio we believe that every child deserves to go to school and experience STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through hands-on exploration and discovery. Unfortunately, many educators and children in the world are not able to afford toys and kits like ours. As a result of the pandemic, several states have cut educational funding, making it nearly impossible for teachers to Let's work together to reimagine a brighter STEM future for children. 

Your donation will go directly to donating kits to underserved communities. We work with amazing partners like Mouse to identify these communities. Your order will be processed as a gift card, so if there is an organization or group that you think would benefit from our products and services, you can donate directly.

Please let us know how you would like to manage your gift.

We will send you confirmation of where your donation was used, let us know if you have questions or concerns.