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[Remote Learning] 10 pack Activating Origami Set
Spherical origami ball made of purple and pink paper activated with Teknikio LED components
Animation of yellow origami rabbit activated by a Teknikio motionboard
Teknikio Activating Origami Kit external packaging with image of an origami crane

[Remote Learning] 10 pack Activating Origami Set

$150.00 USD

This is part of the Teknikio Learn from Home collection. If you would like each kit to be mailed to a separate address, please email us for order details. Each kit will come with stickers and a Teknikio Maker Notebook while supplies last :)

Add tech to paper and animate unique paper sculptures.

We love origami and wanted to add more to the traditional art of paper folding. Start simple and add a light or two and then make more complex modular systems with your origami robot sculpture. Try the motionbaord and see how it affects the movement of the sculpture based on where you attach it.

Each set includes:

  • 1 Teknikio motionboard
  • 1 Teknikio batteryboard
  • 2 batteries
  • 4 LED lights
  • 10 fasteners
  • 1 piece of conductive tape
  • 1 origami paper pack

Skills: paper folding, mechanics, circuits. 

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