Light Up Wristband Tutorial


What You'll Need


  • 1 long strip of felt (about 1 1/4 inch wide)
  • 1 pair of sewable metal snaps
  • 1 LEDboard
  • 1 batteryboard
  • 1 coin-cell battery
  • Conductive thread


  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors



Cut felt about 1 ¼ inch wide and long enough to wrap around your wrist with 1 inch overlap

Plan your Circuit

Our circuit contains an LED, a battery, and a pair of snaps. The snaps are made of conductive metal, meaning electricity can flow through them when they touch. In the circuit, the snaps act as a switch to turn the light off and on.

The snaps will also secure the wristband on your wrist, so when you are wearing the band it will light up, and when you take it off, the LED will turn off.

Lay out your components on your felt. You can mark the fabric with a marker or chalk where you will sew.

Attach the LEDboard and Batteryboard

Thread your needle with conductive thread. We recommend doubling the thread for a stronger electric connection.

Attach the LEDboard  to the felt by holding it in place on the fabric and looping  around the hole marked  with “+” 3 - 5 times.


Use a running stitch to connect the positive side of the LEDboard to the positive side of the batteryboard. Attach the batteryboard by sewing around one of the holes marked “+”  3 - 5 times, secure with a knot, and trim the extra thread.

Remember that the LED is on the front and the batteryboard is on the back.

Attach the First Snap Piece

Connect the negative side of the batteryboard to one of the snap pieces on the back of the wristband.

To attach the snap, you will sew around all 4 holes 2 - 3 times, secure with a knot and trim the extra thread. Sewing on a snap is similar to sewing on a button.

Make sure your snap is facing the right direction, so that it can snap onto the other snap piece once it’s sewn down. 

Attach the Second Snap Piece

The second snap piece will go on the front of the wristband on the opposite end of the wristband than the first. Use a running stitch to connect the snap to the hole on the LEDboard marked with “-”. Sew around the hole 3 - 5 times, secure with a knot, and trim the extra thread.

Test your Circuit

At this point you can insert your battery into the batteryboard. Make sure the “+” faces up to match the “+” on the batteryboard. Snap the two snap pieces together. Your LED should light up!

If your LED flickers or does not light up:

  1. Check that your battery has enough charge to power the LED! If you have a voltmeter you can make sure the battery is above 2.5 volts.

  2. Check that your positive and negative connections do not cross or touch.

  3. Check that your thread is tight around all the conductive holes.

You may need to take out and re-sew your connections.

Wear it!