Teknikio + MAc & Craft 

Black Ink Boston is selling our Sparking Sense Sets as a bundle with the Mac & Craft template! Mac & Craft makes nifty templates for making cardboard houses out of recycle mac n' cheese boxes, and with the Sparking Sense Set, you can activate your cardboard house!

You can follow the instructions at the end of the Sparking sense guidebook, but you will need to alter the front side of your mac & craft house with a few necessary features. 

1. make sure there is a door

You will need to add a hinged door to your mac n'craft template. Make sure that your door swing out to open. 

2. Add some windows! 

You will also want to add some window to your house to see the lights shine through when you open the door. If you want to diffuse the light you can add some tissue paper inside to create a nice even glow!

lightup house.jpg