Future problem-solvers need the right tools, let's inspire children of all ages to design, engineer, and reimagine their world.

1. Expand your toolset

We like to think of each kit like an ingredient pack for your personal toolbox.  We guide you through how to work with smart materials and electronics, so that you can reimagine, and create your environment. 


2. STEM is gender neutral!

We often get asked if we are focused on girls, and the answer is "YES!" - but- girl-centric should not mean "girls only". We actively work to increase the number of girls and women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and break down gender barriers. 

3. Ages 8-108

Though designed with children and education in mind, Teknikio is made for explorers, inventors, and curious minds of all ages; or as it says on our packaging: 8-108.