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Animation showing contents of Teknikio Sensors 'n' Spaces kit, including thread, project guide, conductive tape, batteries, and LED lights and components
Photograph of sample project consisting of plant made from felt with LED lights
Top view of packaging for Teknikio Sensors 'n' Spaces electronics kit
Photograph of sample project consisting of felt fox-shaped mug cozy with temperature sensor and red light in its nose
Photo of sample project consisting of wall hanging with Teknikio star LEDboards on black felt
Sensors n Spaces

Sensors n Spaces

$49.00 USD $70.00 USD

Sensors n Spaces, the ultimate kit for adding superpowers to your room!

Craft and sew circuits into soft good with our easy-to-use custom electronics. Hack your closet, your curtains, the possibilities are endless!

Full guidebook with 4 projects included: 

  • Illuminated Big Dipper
  • Light up your slippers (slippers not included)
  • Magic Plant
  • Hot n' Cold Cozy

17 Electronic parts and more! Full contents:

  • 1 Light sensorboard
  • 1 Temperature sensorboard
  • 1 Mag sense
  • 2 RGB LEDboards
  • 2 heart LEDboards
  • 4 star LEDboards
  • 5 Batteryboards
  • 5 batteries
  • 1 Felt pack
  • 1 spool conductive thread
  • 1 swatch conductive tape
  • 1 Sewing kit
  • 1 Invention Guide
  • Conductive thread
  • 1 mag-close sewing box