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Recycle Your Kit


Note: We’ve linked to a number of sites that can help you find a local recycling or donation center. However, most of these sites are USA specific. If you’re looking to recycle a Teknikio kit outside the USA please consult your local sanitation department for more resources.


All of our boxes make great extra storage options, or can serve as materials for your next project!


These boxes house our most popular kits, including the Fabtronic Sewing and Activating Origami kits. Run out of fabric, cardboard, or paper? Simply cut the outer sleeve along one of its size and turn it inside out. Voila! A sturdy piece of cardstock. Make a card, a model house, and more!

Want to dispose of your box? The tray inside the sleeve is non-coated cardboard and can go in your regular household recycling. The sleeve (the part with printed content) is coated and can’t be processed by all recycling centers. Reuse it or check with your local sanitation department to confirm whether you can recycle coated cardstock in your municipality. Don’t forget to remove any conductive tape before recycling paper products!


The mag-close box comes with our Sensors ‘n’ Spaces kits. This sturdy box, with a magnetic latch, is perfect for around-the-house storage. Use it to house sewing supplies, cords and cables, electronics, business cards, or other small items. 

Unfortunately, due to the box coating and built-in magnetic closure, this box cannot be placed in household recycling. 


All of our consumer kits come with instruction booklets that guide you through featured projects. The pages of our guides are square, making them a perfect option for origami! Simply remove the staples and cut the booklet in half for square sheets ready to be transformed into an origami sculpture! 

If you’re ready to dispose of your guidebook, simply put the whole booklet in your household recycling. Recycling facilities separate things like staples, so no need to remove them prior to recycling. Paper packs and cardboard can also be placed in curbside recycling. 


All Teknikio electronic components are reusable! Use them to make another one of our guided projects, or invent something all your own. If you remove them from a project, we encourage you to keep your components in a personal toolbox for future experimentation. 

If you need to dispose of your electronic components, please consider donating them to your local library, makerspace, or STEAM classroom. You can also take them to or have them picked up by an electronics recycling facility. Locate an e-waste recycling center near you here. Some schools and electronics stores also offer recycling services to the public. 

If you’ve accumulated a lot of Teknikio components that you no longer want, please email us. We’re happy to provide a return shipping label and to either reuse or recycle returned components.


Unfortunately, your batteries won’t last forever. The coin cell batteries in your kit contain lithium, they should not be thrown into household trash. As with the electronic components, you can take batteries to an e-waste recycling center in your area. Some stores, like Home Depot, also run battery recycling programs. Find a Home Depot Call2Recycle drop-off location near you here


Felt and other textiles are great candidates for reuse! Use them in other projects, or repurpose them for cleaning. Or, recycle fabric scraps with old clothing by taking them to a donation bin or center. Organizations like Goodwill pass along scraps to textile recycling plants! Find your local Goodwill here


Please treat them as e-waste and drop them off at a local electronic waste recycling center


Many of our kits come with sewing items like thread, snaps, needes, and buttons. We encourage you to keep leftover or reusable items in your home sewing kit — you never know when you’ll need to reaffix a button! Bits of thread and snaps that you no longer want can be disposed of in household trash.