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We turn dreamers into inventors

We empower young innovators by fostering creativity, experimentation, and play. With gadgets, thingamajigs, and wearable tech, we're inspiring the next generation to think big and reshape their world through technology, science, engineering, and math.

In the Fall of 2012, Sibel Deren Guler received a research grant to create a girl-centric, craft-oriented electronics toolkit. She saw that many STEM toys gender coded for boys, excluding a large population of future inventors, makers, scientists, and engineers.

She partnered with Assemble, a community space for arts and technology in Pittsburgh, PA, and used the funds to pilot and projects with Gwen's Girls, an organization that serves at-risk girls. She also led a series of workshops at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The project has evolved into a series of award winning products under the brandname Teknikio.

Teknikio has a library of over 20 custom electronic components, project kits, and educator bundles. We are interested in all things science, design, technology and play.

We love to explore and ask too many questions. Sounds familiar? We are a small team and do not often have openings, but drop us a line if you are interested in meeting and exploring options.

*This picture is from a NYNow tradeshow booth!