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by Teknikio

Bluebird V1.8 Wireless Microcontroller + AAA USB Battery

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Meet Bluebird, a plug-n-play smart gadget for teaching and learning the Internet of Things. This small blue gadget can be programmed to send and receive information over short range radio. With sewable I/O Pads, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Neopixel LED, and Speaker all built in, this board is part of our Tekniverse Internet-of-Things platform that enables users to create connected devices with ease. Start building smart projects today!

What's included in the Bluebird V1.8 Wireless Circuit Board?

  • NRF52840 Module 
  • Four Input/Output Pads and 10 breakout pins
  • Light Sensor
  • Accelerometer 
  • Neopixel LED
  • Speaker

Easily program your wireless Bluebird:

  • Online Control Center and Code Builder: Visit to program your Bluebird using custom visual coding and data analysis tools. 
  • iPad and Mac Compatibility: For Apple users, access our custom coding software on the App Store, making programming a breeze.
  • Circuit Python and Arduino IDE: For those familiar with Circuit Python and Arduino, Bluebird can be easily programmed using these versatile platforms. Check out our comprehensive guides to get started!

The development of Bluebird and Tekniverse was supported by the National Science Foundation

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