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by Teknikio

Electronic Quilt Classroom Kit

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Unleash your creativity with the Teknikio Electronic Quilt Classroom Kit! This kit allows you to design individual patches with soft circuitry, creating a unique and dynamic project. You can combine up to 20 patches for various perspectives and enhance your story with light effects. Start crafting your distinctive narrative today and watch your quilt come to life! This kit also aligns with NGSS Engineering Standards. 

  • Recommended Grades:​ 5 - 9
  • Number of Students: ​20
  • Hours of Curriculum: 3 - 6


  • Curriculum for an electronic quilt project that can be broken down into multiple sessions.
  • Project Storage Box
  • Instructor guide with a detailed lesson plan and vocabulary guide
  • Collaborative and/or individualized project tips
  • Guiding questions and discussion topics
  • Lesson extensions for differentiation
  • Adaptable for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning

Materials Included:

  • 20 Coincell Batteries
  • 20 Batteryboards
  • 5 Star LEDboards
  • 5 Heart LEDboards
  • 5 Ghost LEDboards
  • 5 Diamond RGB LEDboards
  • 20 Sewing Needles
  • 40 Pairs of Snaps
  • 20 Small Felt Swatches
  • 5 Large Felt Swatches
  • Conductive Thread
  • 8 Spools of Colorful Regular Thread

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