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Encouraging Hands-On/Screen-Free Tech Time - Pt2

Your child has likely grown up knowing how to operate a TV remote, how to play the games on your cell phone, and how to use the search bar to find his or her favorite YouTube video. While kids often have advanced technological literacy, knowledge of the STEM skills that are the foundation of those technologies is harder to come by.

Getting involved in science and engineering through interactive, hands-on exploration can help kids develop the tools needed to do well in school, succeed in a career in technology, and navigate the world. Here’s why it’s important to encourage an interest in technology and engineering for your kids, and how to do so without using screens. 

Why is STEM Learning Important?  

While you might be mostly worried about your child’s academic performance in math and science, involvement in technology at an early age can also have a big impact on your child’s long-term future. Kids who develop the math, logic, and critical thinking skills gained through STEM learning at an early age tend to perform better academically in high school and beyond. 

In addition, the curiosity in science and math that often predicts interest in a technology or engineering career begins at an early age – far before you or your child is thinking about college or a career. The demand for STEM-related jobs is increasing almost twice as fast as demand for jobs in other sectors, and careers in science, technology, and engineering promise higher wages and better job security than other occupations. 

Encouraging an interest in STEM at an early age is important to help your child develop the skills and interest needed for science and math success in the future. But how can you help your child develop technological and engineering literacy without using screens? 

STEM Learning Without Screens 

In today’s world, we tend to equate technology with personal devices, digital games, and sky-high levels of screen time. But that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, the best science, math, and engineering learning happens when kids use physical objects in the world around them to learn. These activities can help develop sensory and spatial awareness, problem solving, and reasoning abilities, while boosting interest in STEM. 

That’s where Teknikio comes in. Using our kits and projects designed for kids of all ages, your child is free to experiment, build, design, and problem solve in ways that will challenge their creativity and allow them to explore the world. What’s more, all Teknikio projects have an element of fun or usefulness — like the surprise box your son or daughter can use to scare their sibling, or the timer that will tell them when their food is ready. 

Teknikio makes science fun while showing your child how science and technology impact the world around them. With the power of Teknikio’s interactive technology, your child can explore concepts like engineering design, coding, and the Internet of Things — all without using a screen. 


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