How can teknikio be integrated into your classroom or program?

Teknikio’s educational bundles make it easy to integrate STEM/STEAM into classrooms and programs. Each bundle comes with detailed lesson plans that tie to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards. We provide products and resources that allow and enable people of all ages to design, engineer, and reimagine their world.


"We run circuit workshops using a variety of Teknikio materials with camps and we have done several workshops together. We worked with 6 museums and 35 school across the country to implement the curriculum throughout the summer. We have used Teknikio for professional development workshops focused on problem solving and circuit building."

- David Wells,
Director of Maker Programming at the New York Hall of Science




How will students be engaged?

Teknikio kits encourage scientific play and learning through hands-on experience. The kits are designed to empower and inspire students to explore new possibilities through the use of reusable components. Our guidebooks are used to develop the confidence in using and understanding the components. Once proficient, students are able to apply what they learned to new projects.

"The students were interested in making a circuit and felt like they accomplished something they never thought they would do."

- Kate Rosenbloom,
Senior Manager of Learning Design at Mouse







What skills can be learned

Teknikio kits are designed to provoke open-ended questioning and research, naturally asking “What if?” to speculate and critically think about how design can activate your environment. Through creativity and innovation, students can apply the use of the components to everyday objects to reimagine their function.




"The most interesting part of using Teknikio is when my students remember what they learned and ask to use the parts with other projects. Students reused some of the switches in other projects and incorporated the vibration motors in their robot designs. The students also used some of the switches and motors to add some fun interactive elements to board games, and one student made a fidget cube with the switches."

- Sarah Magner,
Teacher at Flint Hill School



Does teknikio accept purchase orders?

Yes, email us for more details

Customized bundles are also available, made to the unique needs of each classroom/program. View our sample guides here.

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