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Give the Gift of "Hidden Learning"

What would make a child most interested in working as an engineer? Would it be attending a lecture on an engineer job, watching a video about engineers, reading books about machines, or working on a faulty machine and restoring it?

The experience of restoring a faulty machine back to full functionality would spark a child’s interest in that career path. This type of “hidden learning” is the basis of STEM education.

Teknikio provides STEM kits and toys that allow young learners to explore STEM concepts, develop a passion for science, mathematics, technology, and engineering.

What Is STEM Learning?
What, exactly, is STEM learning? STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These four disciplines form the STEM approach to experience-based learning.

Traditional models teach the STEM concepts as separate subjects and classes, but experiential learning combines them and shows how knowledge applies to real-world situations. We based our STEM kits on finding creative solutions to real-life problems, emphasizing practical, project-based learning.

We do not offer explicit solutions to problems. On the contrary, the kits have what learners need to use their knowledge to find the answers for themselves. Our kits help learners develop flexible thinking, creativity, and motor skills.

What's more, they provide a fun way to gain mastery and technical knowledge
of each STEM discipline. Teknikio kits are an excellent gift for kids to quickly think for themselves as they explore novel ways to solve problems.

A More Wholesome Approach to Education
A Teknikio STEM kit is a fantastic way for kids to build their critical thinking, reading, and collaboration skills and engage children of diverse ages and interests, providing a wholesome learning experience. However, traditional learning models fail to provide these benefits since they:
● Do not engage learners deeply enough or encourage them to put their knowledge to practical
● Tend to destroy students' confidence when they struggle to keep up with the curriculum or
compare themselves to advanced peers.
● Fail to provide learners with an authentic experience or goals that hold them accountable.

Our STEM-based, project-oriented learning experiences significantly impact the development of kids'confidence and skills. Besides the foundational STEM areas, the kits also help them develop their social-emotional and research skills.

Welcome to the Tekniverse of Hidden Learning
The Teknikio library contains over 20 project kits, custom electronic boards, and educator bundles. Our team includes educators and designers who love all things related to technology, science, design, engineering, and play.

Our hands-on science and design projects allow kids of all ages to use their creativity to explore, experiment, tinker and build while they learn to apply scientific methods to real-world problems. By showing kids that it is easy to grasp ideas related to science and math, they get a confidence boost and
make them open to learning these topics in the future.

Our interactive STEM kits for kids offer young learners memorable learning experiences and a fun way to understand otherwise complex concepts. What's more, they could even help them to unearth unique abilities in a particular field, possibly paving the path toward a future career.

Give the gift of hidden learning today. Visit our store and view the unique STEM education kits.


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