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LED It Snow❄️- Create Your Own Light-Up Holiday Cards!

Teknikio recently had the joy of spreading festive cheer by hosting a workshop for kids. During the workshop, they got to experience the magic of our "LED it Snow" Holiday Card Kit and create their own personalized light-up cards to awe their friends and family this holiday season! ❄️✉️


Now, we're thrilled to make this craft available to everyone. Creating your very own interactive light-up card with Teknikio's Star LED is a delightful and enjoyable project. Follow this step-by-step guide to construct the LED kit:

1. Start by assembling the materials included in the kit:
🌟 Colored card and envelope
🌟 Blue Star LED board
🌟Conductive tape
🌟 Battery
🌟 Snow-themed stickers
🌟 Circuit instruction template

2. Take the colored card and fold it in half to create the base for your card.

3. Place the Blue Star LED board on the inside the card, aligned with the Star Cutout. 

4. Use the conductive tape to create the circuit connections. Follow the instructions provided in the circuit instruction template. Make sure to connect the positive and negative sides of the LED board to the battery using the conductive tape.

5. Once the circuit is complete, attach the battery to the conductive tape. The conductive tape should touch both sides of the battery- making the LED light up, bringing your card to life! 

6. Now, it's time to add some festive decorations. Use the snow-themed stickers included in the kit to decorate the card. Get creative and let your holiday spirit shine!

7. Finally, write your personalized message on the inside of the card and place it in the envelope.

Now you have your very own interactive light-up card, ready to impress your loved ones with a touch of sparkle and creativity! Enjoy the magic of holiday lights with Teknikio's Star LED.


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