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National Craft Month

Each year in March, Americans celebrate National Craft Month. During this time, people celebrate the skills, gifts, and talents of craftsmen, artisans, and artists. This month, we can all get into the creative spirit of craft and make beautiful, useful things.

Here at Teknikio, we want to help you celebrate! We want to help you take your arts and crafts to a whole new level with craftable electronics kits and STEM learning. Whether you are an artist, crafter, hobbyist, engineer, student, programmer, or educator, we want to spark your imagination.

Why Is National Craft Month Important?

March represents the beginning of a busy creative season, with time spent indoors crafting while warmer weather is on the way. Craft, like technology, is a work in progress. It has a start and an end. It builds on itself. It teaches us to look at materials in new ways, connect old and new, and be resourceful with the materials at hand. Craft is a problem-solving activity.

Crafting entails taking something from your mind and putting it into the world using your hands and a few materials. If humans can imagine it, they can create it. This type of creative confidence enables individuals to carry out ideas that may benefit others. 

Technology, just like craft, is a means for humans to do this as well; it helps us stretch our imaginations beyond our hands' reach. A project that combines art and science will get your creativity flowing, whether creating something yourself or sharing time with a loved one. 

What's more, art and craft are easier than ever with Teknikio's invention kits! 

Tips to Enjoy National Craft Month

  • Learn New Skills in Crafts and STEM Projects

We love celebrating national craft month every year. What better way to celebrate than by learning new skills? Crafts are the perfect way to relieve stress, spend time with the family, and support your mental health.

Whether you're looking for crafts to do with kids, STEM projects for school, or just want something fun to do on a rainy day; we have plenty of invention kits and step-by-step projects to learn how to make crafts and do DIY projects. Visit our website to learn more crafts and easy DIY projects you can work on.

  • Design Art and Craft Electronics with Teknikio

The start of March is the best time to give yourself a new challenge. Start exploring electronics and invention kits from Teknikio that are easy to use and promote STEM topics for kids. Learn how to use beginner-friendly hardware tools, troubleshoot, and program electronic devices with our invention kits.

  • Showcase Arts and Crafts Created at Exhibition Events

Use Teknikio kits and inspiration from Teknikio tutorials and activities to celebrate National Craft Day. Make new friends at exhibition events where families can learn how to create art, crafts, and jewelry using Teknikio kits. Come together at special classes with local school districts and community centers.

Teknikio Electronics Kits for National Craft Month

Teknikio combines the creative and detail-oriented aspects of arts and crafts with technological and STEM learning. 

Our mission is to develop technological literacy and confidence through physical experimentation and make STEM more accessible through the Teknikio team. With our kits, you can now take your craft projects to a digital level with no limits!

Explore our website today!


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