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by Teknikio

Micro Lever Switch

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Lever switches are a great way to sense pressure or contact. When you push down on the lever the switch will be on and when you release, it's off. These kinds of switches are referred to as momentary switches, as they only stay on briefly. This switch has 3 legs and can be connected in two modes: it can be "normally open" in which case pressing the lever connects, or closes the switch. When it's "normally closed" pressing the lever opens the switch. You can experiment with the three legs to find out how to connect for each mode. 

These switches are part of our Sparking Sense Set, and sometimes 1 switch is not enough. Luckily, we have extra switches! Buy another, or 10 more, or 100!

Rated up to 5 Amps at 125 Volts and 10 Amps at 250 Volts

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