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Tricks and treats with the the ghost LEDboard

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than with some electrifying DIY projects? Enter the Teknikio White Ghost LEDboard – a ghoulishly fun and versatile tool that's perfect for creating hauntingly cool Halloween decorations.

Tricks and Treats. The Teknikio White Ghost LEDboard is a nifty electronic board designed to add an eerie glow to your Halloween creations. Whether you're a seasoned inventor or just getting started, this LEDboard offers endless possibilities for crafting spine-chilling costumes and decorations. Check out our favorites below:


Illuminate Your Halloween Spirit on a Tote Bag (beginner) Transforming a plain tote bag into a spooktacular accessory for Halloween has never been easier, thanks to the Tekniverse Ghost Tote. Infuse your tote with an eerie glow, making it a standout piece for trick-or-treating or any Halloween gathering. Simply attach the LEDboard to the inside of the tote, and watch as it casts a hauntingly beautiful light through the fabric. Now, you can carry your Halloween spirit with you wherever you go, all while showcasing your crafty skills and love for the season. It's a bewitching way to make a statement this Halloween! View instructions here.


Customize Your Spy Light for Stealthy Halloween  Adventures (beginner)

With the Tekniverse Spy Light you have the power to craft a one-of-a-kind espionage tool fit for any Halloween spy mission. Integrate the bright white LEDs to add an element of surprise and intrigue to your spy light. Whether you want to illuminate hidden messages or create a covert signaling system, the customizable LED feature opens up a world of possibilities for your secret agent escapades this Halloween. View instructions here. 

Customize Your Halloween Cape with Tekniverse's Spooky LED Effect (intermediate) Transform your Halloween cape from ordinary to extraordinary with Tekniverse's Spooky LED effect. By incorporating the White Ghost LEDboard v1.0, you can infuse your cape with an eerie, luminous glow that will captivate and mesmerize onlookers. Whether you're channeling a spectral apparition or a futuristic cosmic being, this customizable LED solution adds a unique and unforgettable element to your costume ensemble. View the step by step manual here


Customize Your Halloween Look with Illuminated Snap Patch Fanny Packs from Tekniverse (intermediate)

Incorporating the Teknikio White Ghost LEDboard v1.0 into a Snap Patch Fanny Pack allows Halloween enthusiasts to be extra stylish during the spooky season and provides a place to store extra candy! By attaching the LEDboard to the interior of the pack and strategically placing Snap Patches on the exterior, you can create a customized, illuminated accessory that not only adds a unique flair to your costume but also enhances visibility in the dark. The LEDboard's blinky light ensures your Halloween look stands out in any haunted setting, making it an ideal choice for both style and safety. View instructions here. 

Make Memories with Teknikio. The Teknikio White Ghost LEDboard v1.0 is more than just an electronic board; it's a ticket to a world of spooky creativity. Whether you're looking to create a full-blown haunted house or just add a touch of the macabre to your decorations, this LEDboard has got you covered.

So, grab your tools and let your imagination run wild this Halloween season. 


Order your White Ghost LEDboard v1.0 now and get ready to make this Halloween one for the books! Happy Haunting


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