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Innovative Waves: A Week of Radio Tech with Teknikio

In the midst of the scorching heat of mid-July, Teknikio's founder, Deren Guler, embarked on a journey to Albuquerque, New Mexico to lead a week-long camp at the Explora Science Center. This camp is a  component of an extraordinary project spearheaded by Dr. Sherry Hsi of BSCS Science Learning, dedicated to the exploration of radio waves.

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The Smart Cities camp unfolded over a week, offering enriching half-day sessions meticulously tailored for middle-school-aged youngsters. Its primary aim was to introduce learners to the intriguing concepts of sensors, data, and radio communication within the context of smart cities. Through immersive, team-based activities, hands-on papercraft projects, and engaging games, young participants deepened their grasp of radio communications while traversing its past, present, and future. The curriculum also spotlighted the remarkable stories of women in the field of radio.

Throughout the week, students dived into the intricacies of urban systems, decoding the ways they communicate and discovering how telecommunication systems such as Bluetooth radio and Wi-Fi contribute to the evolution of smarter, greener, and more efficient cities. The pinnacle of their journey was the final project: designing an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) system aimed at enhancing the experience of visitors during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Student coding with the Teknikio Bluebird

This globally renowned hot air balloon festival annually draws thousands of visitors to the city, presenting challenges like shelter shortages, food distribution logistics, and congested traffic. In response, camp participants ingeniously devised solutions, crafting smart traffic indicators, implementing a centralized system for tracking available food resources, and more. Their ideas came to life through programming and realization using Tekniverse Bluebird and Code Builder tools.

Checkout the model city presentation during our family show-and-tell:

smart city projects using Teknikio Bluebird, hands-on STEM


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