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You’re Never Too Old to Invent

Age is only a number! You’re never too old to learn new skills or take on new challenges, especially in the realm of innovation, creativity, and technology.

Don’t let feeling “old” stop you from experiencing the joy of building something with your own mind and hands. At Teknikio, our kits and products are designed for everyone– from age 8, up to 108! In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of working out your creativity muscle with Teknikio.

Creating and Innovating Improves Your Mood

There’s nothing like completing a project and filling that rush of dopamine telling you, “Job well done!” Using a Teknikio project kit to help guide you along the process, greatly improves the chances you’ll finish. Thanks to the dopamine released in your brain, you’ll see an increase in your mood, motivation, and ability to think clearer and more effectively.

It also reduces stress levels, which affects your overall mental and physical health. For instance, prolonged stress leads to depression and other negative side effects like poor eating habits.

You’ll Learn New and Useful Skills

We understand that newer technology and concepts can be difficult to learn. That’s why we’ve taken a fun approach to help everyone become programmers, coders, and inventors. 

Teknikio offers many amazing options for you to start learning the inner workings of how coding and other concepts work. Things like a LED Matrix you build from scratch and can be used later to iterate upon, building more challenging and creative technologies in the future as you get better.

Create and Connect With Family/Community

As we said, our Teknikio kits are for everyone, ages 8 to 108! That means generations can learn and work on our projects together. It’s fun and learning for the whole family. Build walkie-talkies with your grandchildren. Or how about a lie detector so you can see who is lying about eating the last piece of cake in the fridge.

With our step-by-step guidelines, you’ll have plenty of creative and new ways to make use of our kits.

You’ll Become a Better Problem Solver

Being part of the Tekniverse, you’ll learn creative approaches to solving problems. While we encourage and guide you along completing our projects, you’ll pick up new skills and concepts (like mentioned above) that will give you a different perspective. As your thinking prowess improves, you’ll be able to use these techniques in different areas of your personal and professional life as well.

And that’s not all, there are health benefits to cognitive stimulation too. It can help those at risk for dementia by improving memory and brain function.

Learn and Create With Teknikio!

We’re here for everybody– children, adults, seniors, students, and educators. Our goal is to empower everyone with the skills, knowledge, and practice needed for everyone to be better thinkers and inventors. Want to learn more? Contact us today!


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