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STEM Learning For Your Homeschool

Do you know that about 4% of the school-going population in the United States is homeschooled? Various reasons homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in the US include academic flexibility, a warm family environment, and parents' choice of approach and pace. However, many parents are unable to incorporate STEM into their homeschool projects.

Why Should You Incorporate STEM Learning into Your Homeschool Projects?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a new educational buzzword that can help raise your child to become the next leader or change maker. Incorporating STEM in homeschooling can help your son or daughter develop critical and creative thinking skills to solve real-world problems.

STEM can also make your child become a lifelong learner. In other words, they become competent and can easily adapt to rapidly changing times. As your child approaches everyday problems efficiently using the scientific method, they gain valuable information management and analytical skills. 

The Challenge of Incorporating STEM Learning into Homeschool Projects

Although STEM makes learning complete, implementing it in home education is a real challenge. Studies show that many students lose interest in Mathematics and Science between 12 and 13 years of age. 

Why is this the case? Science learning is boring for many students, especially if it doesn’t exemplify the effects of what they learn in class in the real world. However, Teknikio got you sorted. 

At Teknikio, we understand that practical activities can help your son or daughter build a bridge between what they learn and what happens in the real world. We aim to break the perception that science subjects are either too boring or difficult.

In this context, we have different project kits that can help you integrate technology into your homeschooling lessons. These kits include:

  • Shivers the Penguin
  • Shivers the Penguin is an e-textiles kit. It uses reusable electronic components and eco-felt pieces to help your child sew a shivering penguin. One set of this project kit comes with:

    • A Penguin Fabric
    • Conductive Thread
    • Conductive Fabric
    • 1 Teknikio Motorboard
    • 1 Teknikio batteryboard
    • 1 battery.

    With only $16, you can get this kit and can help your child learn essential circuits and sewing skills.

  • IoT Ideation Cards V1
  • This fun game will help your child design and enter with an IoT mindset. One deck of this kit contains:

    • 5 Mission Cards
    • 10 Action Cards
    • 11 Trigger Cards
    • 18 Thing Cards
    • 9 Sensor Cards

    We recommend this kit if you have 3-5 children in your homeschooling program. With only $12, you can acquire IoT Ideation Cards V1.

  • Activating Origami Set
  • This kit helps your child animate unique paper sculptures and add tech to paper. Each set of Activation Origami Set comes with:

    • 1 Teknikio Motionboard
    • 1 Teknikio Batteryboard
    • 2 Batteries
    • 4 LED Lights
    • 10 Fasteners
    • 1Piece of Conductive Tape
    • 1 Origami Paper Pack

    With only $20, you can acquire this kit and let your son or daughter learn essential paper folding, circuits, and mechanics skills.

  • Crafting Wearables + Fabtronic Sewing Set
  • This unique kit blends technology with fashion. With only $45, your child gets examples and tutorials to build their own wearables.

  • Sparking Sense Set
  • With only $20, you can purchase a Sparking Sense Set that helps your child learn about different mechanical switches, helping them design their own. This kit features four main projects:

    • Nightlight House
    • Magic Gems
    • Pop-up Card
    • Beep the Robot

    The project kit helps your son or daughter acquire vital skills, including mechanics, design thinking, and circuits.

    The Bottom Line

    If you want active learning at home, STEM is the way to go. However, you may not be sure how to incorporate STEM learning into your homeschool projects. Why not try Teknikio project kits and turn your child into an inventor. Remember that every invention starts with an experiment, and Teknikio provides exactly that.


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